Tara Astrology

Let us tell you about spirituality that all the sages and sages in our India have told about spiritualism.  I have the power to live a life. It removes the negative powers of the Sahir. I try my best to bring positive powers inside me. Transforming a life filled with Assam into a happy environment through yoga or meditation through spiritualism.  Through this, we tell about all those subjects, how we are able to see all the things from the point of view of Shiva spirituality with the power of spirituality which is beyond our eyes and our sage Muni is one of this spirituality.  We have the power to live a long life and we have left you behind and leaving it behind so we all have to go to the topic together and study and learn and in that our class runs our class and our channel is spirituality guru.
Our sages used to live in the jungles about this spirituality, any problem of any kind used to come and understand their spirituality and Yoga and Irritation and avoid their present crisis.  Were there any time in the country, whenever a disease comes or not in the month of October or in the month of March, this is not what our relationship was called in this 2 months and a very influential disease is produced in the world to remove this disease from the right.  For our sages, through yoga, whether through spiritualism or through vacations, we used to conquer the biggest diseases by telling ourselves everything in detail.
With the power of spirituality we can gain knowledge about all these things which are far away from us, those who live outside, if we are sitting somewhere, then their distance from there can also be measured.  And can be told through a meri tation that what he is doing at the moment, his presence can also be run even if he is in America Thailand Japan in any countries of the world. He can be told all the things. This is strength  In our spiritual and meri tation
Like when we do palm reading, there are many lines in the hand, such as karma line, fate line, wealth, love life, children, happiness, foreign traffic, the mystery of nails, vehicle, pleasure, joy, and the 17-digit line is found in the fingers of every person.  Not in hand, in every one lakh people, it is found in a human being, whose fame spreads around the world.
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